In order to get something as big as this up and running, delegation will be very important.

The board will be responsible for accounting and finance, but there will be a lot more required. The plan is for helpers/volunteers to sort themselves into teams. At the moment the list is:

Team 1
Domestic gods and goddesses.
Responsible for planning how we will feed staff and clients, and keep the inside environment clean and tidy. What can we manage in-house, what will need to be contracted out.

Team 2
AKA Team Green Thumbs
Keeping the garden maintained, and finding fresh flowers and foliage for the house. Could include providing veggies etc for the kitchen.

Team 3
Carers and sharers
Having 24h care will be the foundation of the hospice. Nurses and Carers will need to organise to provide this cover. Assessing skills, experience and training needs will be a necessity.

Team 4
The Professionals
Doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc. First, to make sure we have all our certifications covered and that the hospice care is of the highest clinical standard. Second, to ensure we have the correct staff ratios and all training etc complete before opening. Third, to ensure all necessary equipment is acquired.

Team 5
Team “help it just came off in my hand”
Helping with basic maintenance to keep costs down but also advising when we need to call in the professionals.

Team 6
Team Midas
The fundraising coordinators and organisers. We need you desperately! Without you none of the rest will happen! If you have a talent for this, or the associated skills of grant application, arm twisting and out-and-out begging, please join us. Even though you worry it is an endless task for which you will probably not be appreciated nearly enough….

Team without number
Not sure what to call this team – to be made up of those likely to need hospice services within the next two years, and their families. Those of you who will have understandably firm opinions about what you need. (Ok, at the moment it’s called Team Not Dead Yet. But not out loud. 🙂 )

At the end of the community forum there will be forms to register your interest in any of the teams. You can join more than one. The main thing needed wil be your email address so each team can be linked up. If you cannot attend the forum there will be a page on the new website which should come on line at about the same time. A link will be posted here when that happens.

Not all the teams will spring into action immediately; a lot of decisions can only happen once we have a physical location. But there is still plenty of room for thinking and planning, as well as getting to know the skills and experience available on your team.