Answers to common questions:

Why put a hospice in Kentish? Why not closer to me?

It has to be located somewhere! Plus the doctors and nursing staff who will provide the care are mainly located in the Mersey catchment area.
To do this in a larger town would increase property/land fees to the level where it is unlikely they could be covered by fundraising. Also, we want this place to feel rural and homely. It will be a rural place for rural people.

What will it look like?

A proposed 4 bed unit to start with. The location we are looking at could expand to 7, including a standalone space for paediatric care.
24h nursing and general practitioner cover.
This is not a THS facility. 
It will be available to all residents of North West Tasmania.

So how will that work, funds-wise?

As a not-for-profit community enterprise through a combination of grants, donations, bequests, fundraising and a mix of public, private and DVA clients. Plus lots of volunteers. We hope that those who are better off will contribute financially towards their care, but we will not turn anyone away because they cannot afford to do so.

What stage are things at?

Suitable property located, negotiating.
Opening discussions with council and planning
Community forums to continue in Sheffield, Latrobe and Devonport.
Fundraising launch at Steamfest in March

How can I donate?

We have a gofundme page. You can donate directly into our bank account. We are waiting for our DRG (tax deductible) status to be granted and will make this available as soon as we can. You can see us at Steamfest where we will be rattling tins and telling everyone about the project.

How can I help right now?

There’s plenty to do! Could you design a logo? Do you have the enthusiasm to visit local businesses to chat and bring them on board? Are you really good at grant applications? Do you have some great photos of the North West you would be happy to let us use?
There are forms for volunteers to give their details which you can pick up from the Emporium, Sheffield, or you can sign up here on the volunteers page.

How can I get more information?

If you have a specific question or offer of help, please message through the Facebook page or email us. Please bring all your questions to the community forums and we will try to answer them there. For your friends who are not online, please tell them to look out for information in the Kentish Voice. We will also be offering membership, which includes voting rights at the AGM, a quarterly newsletter and other benefits.