Welcome. Answers to common questions: Why put a hospice in Kentish? Why not closer to me? It has to be located somewhere! Plus the doctors and nursing staff who will provide the care are mainly located in the Mersey catchment area.To do this in a larger town would increase property/land fees to the level where […]


In order to get something as big as this up and running, delegation will be very important. The board will be responsible for accounting and finance, but there will be a lot more required. The plan is for helpers/volunteers to sort themselves into teams. At the moment the list is: Team 1Domestic gods and goddesses.Responsible […]

Community Education

Just a small taster of the courses we plan to run Caring at the end of life two courses – one a half day session, one run over 4 half days. For: people in the community planning to care or currently caring for someone who is dying. The short course covers the dying process, administration […]

Position Statement on Voluntary Assisted Dying

This statement draws attention to the Australia and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine position statement on the same issue. A link to this is at the bottom of this document. We recognise that there is a diversity of opinion on this subject, and any vote, referendum or other means of decision making will leave […]